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Alternative Girls

Are Better Than You

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Yet another pointless rating community, I know, I know.

_x To Apply x_

16+ ONLY please.
Join the community!
Fill out an application.
Post your completed application behind an lj-cut along with your pictures, in a new entry (not in a comment).
Stamped members will vote yes or no on your application.
If we like you (for whatever reason), you're in. If we don't, you're not.

_x Once You Are Stamped x_

VOTE on as many new applicants as you can, please! A comment with yes or no in the subject line is all that's needed to do this, but you can elaborate in the comment body if you like. Don't be too mean ;)
PROMOTE alternachicks to at least a few journals/communities, but don't go overboard. Spamming sucks. Promoting other communities is ok, to an extent. Posts that consist of "Hey, go join thiscommunity!" will be deleted.
POST as often as you want!

Break any of the following rules - whether you are stamped or not - and you will be BANNED:

DO NOT get pissy with stamped members if you don't like their vote.
DO NOT comment on entries other than your own application until you are stamped "Accepted" by drunkchick.
DO NOT post any nude pictures, whatever your age.

_x Promoting x_

When promoting alternachicks, feel free to use this ace banner made especially for us by the lovely razorblade_meg!

Copy & paste & remove the asterisk: <*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/alternachicks/alternachicks.jpg">

_x Stamps x_



Good Luck!