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_x Basics x_
_Name: nichole
_DOB & Age: 7/18, 23
_Location: utah at the moment

_x Music x_
_Five Bands You Love: the beatles, green day, reverend horton heat, snot, operation ivy
_Five Songs You Love: eleanor rigby, its martini time, ball and chain, china cat sunflower, killing time
_Some Pretty Lyrics:
(i just love this song- cant seem to wear red lipstick or walk in high heels properly myself...)
You've got bright red lips and a pretty face
A rose tattooed in a private place
Spiked high heels and a wiggle in your walk
Makin' everyone in this big city talk

A bad reputation (bad reputation!)
A bad reputation (bad reputation!)
You're a bad little chick and that's the word on the street
You're the kind of girl I'd like to eat

_x Movies x_
_Five Films You Love: the red violin, donnie darko, requiem for a dream, the good girl, mists of avalon
_Favourite Male Actors: jake gyllenhaal, steve buschemi, harvey keitel
_Favourite Female Actors: keira knightley, michelle rodriquez

_x Books x_
_Five Books You Love: fear and loathing in las vegas, another roadside attraction, the mists of avalon, the entire JTHM collection (comics can count, right? ^.^), flowers for algernon
_Favourite Authors: tom robbins, jean m auel, marion zimmer-bradley, rudyard kipling

_x Body Mods x_
Describe Your...
_Piercings: ears: 00 gauge tunnels, going up the cartilage in smaller mm sizing, tragus, conch, nostril, eyebrow, tongue twice, navel, labret
_Tattoos: full backpiece outlined, quarter sleeve on left arm (fairy, sun, moon, wind work, flowers), strawberries on my chest, cherries on my neck, flower on my ankle, poison dart frog on the other ankle
_Any Other Mods: not at the moment, but im constantly adding

_x Other Stuff x_
What Are Your...
_Obsessions?: sleeping, feeling the breeze in my hair, shaving my head or parts of it regularly, vegan food, music
_Collections?: music, toe socks, handmade clothing
_Nicknames?: cole, niki, nick
What Is Your...
_Relationship Status?: single
_Favourite Place To Be?: either in a cave overlooking an extire canyon, my house, a good concert in a small venue
_Favourite Thing To Do?: sleep- im lame that way... design tattoos, anything creative, learning
Do You...
_Drink Alcohol?: yes
_Smoke Cigarettes?: no
_Take Any Other Drugs?: yes- i smoke ganj, ive done other things, but im not into anything really intensively other than ganj
_Where did you hear about alternachicks?: random person left me a comment about checking this place out

_x Three Or More Photos x_
my photohosting site is having issues so all i have at the moment are links:
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