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_x Basics x_
_Name: Kristi
_DOB & Age: April 3rd 1989...16
_Location: St. Louis

_x Music x_
_Five Bands You Love: Interpol. Bikini Kill. Cursive. Jack off Jill. Placebo.
_Five Songs You Love: Summer Overture - Clint Mansell. PDA - Interpol. I like Fucking - Bikini Kill. Break on Through - The Doors. California Uberalis - Dead Kennedys.
_Some Pretty Lyrics: "I want you to pay me for my beauty, I think it's only right because I have been paying for it all my life." -Ani DiFranco

_x Movies x_
_Five Films You Love: Requiem for a dream. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. Sid and Nancy. The People vs. Larry Flynt. My Life Without Me.
_Favourite Male Actors: Woody Harrison. Samuel L. Jackson. Bruce Willis. Matthew Lillard. George Carlin.
_Favourite Female Actors: Marilyn Monroe. Angelina Jolie. Shannyn Sossamon. Winona Ryder. Courtney Love.

_x Books x_
_Five Books You Love: Choke. Define Normal. Kissing Doorknobs. You Remind Me of Me. Pet Semetary
_Favourite Authors: Chuck Palahniuk.

_x Body Mods x_
Describe Your...
_Piercings: ears, nose, labret.
_Tattoos: none yet.
_Any Other Mods:

_x Other Stuff x_
What Are Your...
_Obsessions?: drugs and alcohol
_Collections?: rubber bands
_Nicknames?: Queen La Queefa
What Is Your...
_Relationship Status?: single
_Favourite Place To Be?: in my bed
_Favourite Thing To Do?: smoke bud
Do You...
_Drink Alcohol?:yes
_Smoke Cigarettes?:yes
_Take Any Other Drugs?: yes
_Where did you hear about alternachicks?: browsing

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