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_x Basics x_
_DOB & Age:6-23-87 maing me 17 years old

_x Music x_
_Five Bands You Love:hate in the box, switchblade symphony, jack off jill,kittie, tool
_Five Songs You Love:Imagine(apc), lateralus(tool) Surgery(JOJ),Bloody Ballerina(hateinthebox),Clowns(SS)
_Some Pretty Lyrics:"i can change, i can cut it open, look at me the way you did before.."

_x Movies x_
_Five Films You Love:gingersnaps, may, thriteen, milo and otis, fern gully
_Favourite Male Actors: willem dafo, brad pitt.
_Favourite Female Actors: thora birch

_x Books x_
_Five Books You Love:cut, pure sunshine, sleeveless, the torn skirt,crosses
_Favourite Authors:ME!!

_x Body Mods x_
Describe Your...
_Piercings: i have 0 gauge lobes, 2nd holes, cartilige, top and bottom navel.
_Tattoos:None yet, but im 18 in like 5 months
_Any Other Mods:my hair is bleached right now, and its going to be pink w/ black stripes. i dont know if thats a MOD or not.

_x Other Stuff x_
What Are Your...
_Obsessions?:Candy necklaces
_Nicknames?:Alli, scout,
What Is Your...
_Relationship Status?:taken, for the time being.
_Favourite Place To Be?:my room, cause its alllll mine:)
_Favourite Thing To Do?:draw or paint.
Do You...
_Drink Alcohol?:yes i do
_Smoke Cigarettes?:nope, its gross
_Take Any Other Drugs?:nope.
_Where did you hear about alternachicks?:i was searching communities

_x Three Or More Photos x_

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