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_x Basics x_
_Name: Kris
_DOB & Age: August 3 '85 ... 19
_Location: Rochester NY

_x Music x_
_Five Bands You Love:
  1. Tom Petty
  2. Flogging Molly
  3. Everclear
  4. The Ramones
  5. Seether w/o Amy Lee (even if she is fucking hot)
_Five Songs You Love:
  1. Amphetamine - Everclear
  2. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty
  3. Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
  4. Love Her - Seether
  5. She Has a Girlfriend Now - Reel Big Fish
_Some Pretty Lyrics:
I met a girl who hated the world
 She used her body to sell her soul
Everytime they'd break her and pay
Tear out her heart and leav her in pain
I never found out how she survived
All of the sadness she kept inside
I never found out how she could lie
With a smile on her face
And scratches she'd hide

_x Movies x_
_Five Films You Love: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Agent Orange, Dazed and Confused, American History X
_Favourite Male Actors: Jim Carrey, Seth Green(in his older films)
_Favourite Female Actors: Drew Barrymore

_x Books x_
_Five Books You Love:
  1. Bartlett's
  2. A Midsummer Nights Dream (so what if it's techinically a play)
  3. Black and Blue
  4. Human, All Too Human
  5. The Rose Thorn
_Favourite Authors: William Shakespear

_x Body Mods x_
Describe Your...
_Piercings: working on stretching some of the holes in my ears out to 8's or 6's, getting my nipples pierced over spring break when I am done with swimming, and getting my lip pierced over the summer when I am done with school and bitchy ass rules about facial piercings!
_Tattoos: Money has been a HUGE issue up until this year but once swimming is over I will be getting a big sunflower on my upper back with a crescent moon and an eye in the center of it, and three stars bending around the outside of my wrist (one magenta, on teal and one blue)
_Any Other Mods: others!  I am still waiting to be out of chlorine long enough to get those!!!

_x Other Stuff x_
What Are Your...
_Obsessions?: RHPS!!!!!!, sunflowers, sex/bondage, night time/moon/stars
_Collections?: the stupid little 'fuck tabs' off of pop and beer cans (yes I know it is stupid and weird but I really don't care!) and AOL cd's which I glue to everything and anything (currently you should see the inside of my car it is wonderous MWHAHAHAHA!!!)
_Nicknames?: KB, Pink, Troll, Big Red, Bitch (that one I must say is my favorite, and the little slut who calls me it can go fuck herself)
What Is Your...
_Relationship Status?: single for the first time in 4+ years and loving it:-P
_Favourite Place To Be?: The beach in the middle of the night under the moonlight
_Favourite Thing To Do?: Go to RHPS and Vertex(local alternative club-great way to meet people who don't look at me like I am fucking nuts, it get's annoying at times grrrr!!!)
Do You...
_Drink Alcohol?: yes
_Smoke Cigarettes?: yes
_Take Any Other Drugs?:working on quitting :-/
_Where did you hear about </a></a>alternachicks?: searving for intrests

  This one has a weird shinny spot but I am absolutly in love with the dress so I had to use it     
  Oh you know you wanted a picture of my leg while I was getting ready to go out:-P  
  Wonderful picture of me passing out, thanks to whoever took it...
  And yes I can take a picture of myself:-D  Yay for me!
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